Tintri Releases PowerShell Automation Toolkit


Tintri has released a PowerShell Automation Toolkit.  The toolkit works with Tintri OS 3.0.  To download it, go to Tintri’s support site, http://support.tintri.com.  You will have to log in and be a Tintri user.

Tintri download page

Tintri download page

Click on ‘Downloads in the green rectangle, and then click on ‘Download’ in the ‘Tintri Automation Toolkit 1.0″ box as noted by the purple rectangle.

A Quick Start Guide is provided.  Click on the ‘User Guides’ tab.

Tintri User Guides

Tintri User Guides

Click on the ‘Tintri Automation Toolkit Quick Start Overview Guide’.  It is PDF, and has download information, and a little more information about the PowerShell Toolkit.  A code example is in the guide.  There are more PowerShell code examples under the ‘Utilities’ tab.

Tintri Utilities Page

Tintri Utilities Page

Click on the ‘Automation Toolkit PowerShell Examples. In the zip file, you will find 13 examples ranging from cloning, replication,  snapshots, and VM monitoring.  There is an HTTP index for your convenience.  These simple examples are there to get you going and give you a feel for the Toolkit.  These examples would need to be modified to suit your environment and are for reference purposes only.

Tintri’s PowerShell cmdlets integrate with VMware’s PowerCLI to provide end-to-end VM-level automation; for example, the output of VMware PowerCLI Get-VM command can be piped to the Get-TintriVM cmdlet. This is demonstrated in the Workflow_VMMonitoring script.

Finally, check-out Luc Deken’s excellent 2-part series on Tintri’s PowerShell Toolkit at http://www.lucd.info/2014/08/14/tintri-automation-toolkit-basics-part-1/ and http://www.lucd.info/2014/08/14/tintri-automation-toolkit-basics-part-2/.


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