Month: October 2014

Tintri Releases REST API Documentation


Tintri first released the PowerShell Toolkit, and now Tintri has released API documentation so that clients are able to create applications and automation workflows to monitor and control Tintri’s virtual aware storage.

The REST API documentation for Tintri OS available on the Tintri support site.  To download it, go to  You will have to be a Tintri user and log-in.  First click on ‘Downloads’ in the blue rectangle, then click the ‘Utilities’ tab in the green rectangle.


Finally click on ‘Tintri REST API Documentation’ in the purple rectangle.  Save the zip file and unzip.  The zip file includes an introduction, specific API documentation, and code samples in Python.

Once unzipped, click on the api directory.  Inside the api directory, click on index.html, the Tintri APIs page.  From here, you can go to the REST API documentation and to the samples. The API documentation has an introduction and a list of the APIs with specific API documentation links..  The samples link points to an index which includes a small description of each sample and a link to the code. The Python code samples are located in api/client/http/sample/python.


– Rick –