QoS and TGC Storage Groups


My latest blog post on “Setting QoS at Scale” was posted on the Tintri corporate site.  This post discusses how to use TGC Service Groups to set storage QoS on multiple VMstores.  TGC Service Groups allow you to organize VMstores according to your needs.  For example, one approach might be for all your VMstores associated with VDI VMs, and another approach could be for VMstores associated with a specific customer.

For more information on storage QoS, check-out these two posts:

You’ll note that Tintri’s QoS satisfies Mr Crump’s three requirements:

  1. storage QoS at the VM level
  2. expressing IOPs the same for each VM independent of block sizes
  3. storage resource visibility

Combining TGC Service groups and setting storage QoS provides an great way to manage your VMstores.

– Rick –


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