PowerShell 2.5 Toolkit Released


It has been a while since I have posted. While I’ve been on vacation and catching-up, my colleague was working on a new Tintri Automation Toolkit for PowerShell 2.5. Today it went up on Tintri’s support site for your downloading pleasure. If you haven’t visited the support site in a while, you’ll notice that it has changed. Once on the support download page, find “Tintri Automation Toolkit 2.5” and click on it. An information frame will appear on the right. Click on “Download MSI” to download the new toolkit.

The major features are:
• Upgrade VMstore(s) given the RPM file
• Configure appliance settings (Data IPs, DNS, Autosupport, Alerts)
• Configure Hypervisor Managers on a VMstore
• Set Service Group QoS
• Support for SyncVM File-Level-Restore
• Manage VMstores on a TGC
• Set quota on SMB shares
• Support for PowerCLI 6

A more information is on my Tintri blog. For me, the top 3 features are: Tintri command search, setting QoS in TGC Service Groups, and updating VMstores from a downloaded RPM file.

Let me know if you have questions, or have coded new scripts you want posted on our GitHub site.


– Rick –


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