New Python API Examples


There are 3 updates to the Python API examples on GitHub. One is about updating data IP addresses on a VMstore.  The other 2 examples are on VMstore appliance information collection.

Updating  Data IP Addresses

I wrote an Python example,, that displays and/or updates the data IP addresses for a VMstore.  The script always displays the current IP addresses.  Depending on the options, one data IP address is added or removed. The main crux of the code is similar to the code setting DNS. This is described in  more detail in this week’s “Ask Rick” blog.

Collecting VMStore Information

I had previously added an example,, which displays the following:

| Info        | Value                    |
| Product     | Tintri VMstore           |
| Model       | T445                     |
| All Flash   | False                    |
| OS version  | |
| API version | v310.51                  |

I have moved this code to, because it displays short concise VMstore or TGC status.

Now that we have, I re-created to display the following information:

  • VMstore status
  • Appliance components
  • Failed components if any
  • IP addresses: admin, data, and replication
  • Controller status
  • Disk information

This script imports the prettytable module.

Until next time,

– Rick –


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