Using Tintri APIs to Build Tintri Anywhere


We have a customer in Japan, Adways, the used Tintri APIs, to build a Slack-bot than communicates with a Tintri VMstore.  A Slack client sends a command message to the Slack server just like messages are sent between people.  The Slack server sends a message to the Tintri bot that invokes the appropriate Tintri API.  See the picture below:


This allows the VMstore to be managed by a cellphone. Here is an example:

@tintribot:tintri tintri-001 show appliance_info

The result output is:

| Info        | Value                    |
| Product     | Tintri VMstore           |
| Model       | T540                     |
| OS version  | |
| API version | v310.21                  |

If this interests you, please check out Masaaki Hatori’s blog. I had to use Google Chrome to translate it from Japanese to English.


– Rick –



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