Tintribot Is Here to Help


As you might recall my post on Using Tintri APIs to Build Tintri Anywhere discussing using Slack as a management interface.  We now have 2 videos on Tintribot as an example. Please note that this is a possible future.

The first video, Manage storage with ChatOps from Tintri between bites, features an admin, Krystle, approving a recommendation from our VM Scale-out feature.

In the above video, Tintribot has code that can read VM Scale-out recommendations and approve them which is covered in this Tintri post. More VM Scale-out code can be found in this post.

The second video, Manage storage from anywhere with Tintri ChapOps, has admin Krystle bringing up VMs and putting production data on them..

First Tintribot brings up 500 VMs using Tintri cloning. Then the bot uses SyncVM to sync the 500 newly created  VMs to the latest recovery point of the production SQL data.

So how do you manage your storage?

–  Rick –


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