Month: February 2017

V310.61 API Documentation Available


New Tintri API documentation is now available for version v310.61. Version v310.61 maps to VMstore‘s TXOS 4.3 and TGC 3.5 which contains additional APIs to support Synchronous Replication and disk encryption.

There is a new GitHub repository, tintri-rest-api, which contains the documentation and code examples. The repository tintri-api-examples is now deprecated.

Documentation for older API versions are still available on Tintri’s support site.

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Private Cloud Automation

I want to point out a set of 4 postings by Matthew Geddes, a Hyper-V architect, on Automation and Private Cloud.

  1. Part 1: sets the stage: a number of production SQL Server instances where some nightly reporting jobs are run. These reporting jobs are quite heavyweight and impact other users during their large processing window. What we want to do is to have the reporting jobs run on non-production VMs with that day’s production data.
  2. Part 2: shows how how to use syncVM from Tintri’s PowerShell Toolkit.  Matt breaks down usage of the PowerShell cmdlet, Sync-TintriVDisk; and then shows how to integrate it into a small script.
  3. Part 3: adds more code to the small script and wraps it into a function so that it can be used for multiple reports.
  4. Part 4: adds more automation with by showing how to parameterize the reports.  Matt summarizes and gives you some homework.

I like the way Matt goes through presents the use case, and then goes through the code step by step.

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– Rick –

Tintri vSphere Web Client Plugin


Just a quick note about the Tintri vSphere Web Client Plugin which has been released as GA. It’s now available for download on Support Portal. This is a maintenance release that includes support for the following key features:

  • SyncRepl functionality: support is available for VMstores with synchronous replication.
  • vSphere Plugin version:  displays the plugin version number.
  • Snapshot display: snapshots older than seven days are displayed.
  • IP/FQDN settings: change vCenter server IP/FQDN from the vCenter settings.
  • VM protection:  provides a Snapshot and replicate every minute option.
  • vCenter support:  supports vCenter 6.5.

Here is a list of bugs that have been fixed:

Bug # Description
52631 Customer may be unable to use SyncVM refresh
50475 Customer may be unable to use the ESXi Best Practice if the host is in a non-responding state
45710 Web Client Plugin may not load after upgrading vCenter to vCenter 6.0u2
45617 Snapshot clone behavior in the Web Client Plugin may be different from the VMstore UI when multiple datastores are involved
45049 VMstore may flood vCenter with alarm definitions
43929 Tintri IOPS, Tintri Throughput and Tintri Latency graphs may not display in the datastore Summary tab
43703 The delete snapshot permission may not be available for specific user roles within the Web Client
42901 The Web Client Plugin may hang when customers attempt to refresh a VM disk

After going to the support download page, search for “Tintri vSphere” for the new download.


– Rick –