Cloudbolt integrates with Tintri


Clouldbolt, a hybrid cloud management system, integrated their GUI with Tintri by using Tintri’s Python SDK.  Watch this video by Tristan Todd.  As you can see in the video, Cloudbolt integrated Tintri’s snapshots, clones, and statistics. Cloudbolt’s graphs are similar to Tintri’s GUI graphs which make it easy to move between products.

If you’re interested in the integration, Cloudbolt provides the code on their GitHub site in the ui_extensions directory.  For the Tintri extension, look in the tintri directory and follow the directions.

As Tintri’s Developer Evangelist, what interests me in the product is that it used Tintri’s PySDK.  This is one of the reasons why PySDK was developed:  to facilitate integration of current IT management and automation products with Tintri storage.

Until next time,

– Rick –


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